Workshop: Day 3

Today we started with speech fluency drills. Our students tried to speak on a random topic for as long as possible without using the words “like, um, uh”. Aaron, held the record for the longest time, at 1 minute and 4 seconds. Then students gave speeches on their favorite board games. Our instructors critiqued speeches and then … More Workshop: Day 3

Workshop: Day 2

We started the day with a short lesson on extemporaneous speaking. Our instructors did a demonstration of improvised speaking for our students, then we split into breakout groups to do some extemporaneous speaking exercises. Students were asked to speak impromptu on a wide range of unfamiliar topics. After a bit of practice they really started … More Workshop: Day 2

Workshop: Day 1

We started the day by splitting into four groups to do some mini-debates. Students brainstormed arguments for debate resolutions like pirates vs ninjas, cats vs dogs, waffles vs pancakes, mandatory voting vs voluntary voting, etc. Each group sent up a representative to make an argument and cross-examine their opponent. Students practiced arguing a case,  question and answer, and thinking on their … More Workshop: Day 1

Workshop Info

We’re excited to welcome you to our December Public Speaking Workshop in just 7 days! We just need you to do three quick things — shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes. 1) Complete your registration by filling out this form. Please fill out the form once for each student you have registered. 2) Print and sign … More Workshop Info