Workshop: Day 1

We started the day by splitting into four groups to do some mini-debates. Students brainstormed arguments for debate resolutions like pirates vs ninjas, cats vs dogs, waffles vs pancakes, mandatory voting vs voluntary voting, etc. Each group sent up a representative to make an argument and cross-examine their opponent. Students practiced arguing a case,  question and answer, and thinking on their feet.

At 11:30 we took a break for lunch. Afterwards, we did a speaking exercise where every student had just 30 seconds to explain their life story. Then we did an array of speaking drills — practicing speaking speed (both fast and slow), volume, enunciation and clarity. We finished the day with some more mini-debates where students spoke in front of the entire class.

IMG_0338IMG_0333 IMG_0336 IMG_0339 IMG_0344 IMG_0352 IMG_0361 IMG_0368 IMG_0374 IMG_0377 IMG_0379 IMG_0382 IMG_0391 IMG_0395 IMG_0415 IMG_0419


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